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Dan Kennedy – Moving Money Up The Pyramid

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Sorry to break it to you, however size does NOT constantly matter when it concerns earning money from your list!

” Discover My ‘Yet-To-Be-Revealed’ System

For Extracting The HIDDENMoney From The

‘ Elite 1%’ Of Customers Who’ll Give You

Money Over And Over Again … Allowing You

To Sell Less And Make MoreAnd Achieve

More Success, Control, And

Freedom In Your Business Life!”

Keep ReadingTo Discover Why The REALMoney Is Made From Customers On Top Of The Pyramid– And How You Can Systematically Sift Through The “Low Hanging Fruit” That Have Little Or NOValue To You.

This Is The First Time I’ve EVERRevealed This System Outside Of Clients Who Gladly Pay Me $100,000And UpFor My Expertise. This Could Represent A HUGETurnaround For You And Your Business,.
Keep Reading To Get The Scoop!

Dear Renegade Marketer,

What I’m about to provide to you is not simply another “earn money” technique. It’s not another system that “may” bump conversions briefly … or “may” get individuals ecstatic for a little while.

I’m about to provide you some major “Insider” methods you can rapidly start utilizing todayto begin enhancing your bottom line.

If you CARE about your company future,This message will be the most essential message you’ll EVER check out

You see, there’s been a HUGE “modification in tide” in the previous 5-10years that’s putting a LOTof individuals out of company …

… however can be a HUGEchance for you– that is, if you understand what you’re doing.

These are methods I’ve been executing in my customer’s organisations for the previous a number of years … the very same customers that pay me as much as $100,000per sales letter … and $18,800for each day-to-day assessment.

And 85% of them are enjoyed deathto employ me once again.

In other words, what I need to state to you is going to really be “cash” when it concerns your bottom line … that is if you actand HEED what I need to inform you:

If You Aspire To Be Rich, Here Are The “Big 3 Benefits” You’ll Experience Immediately!

You’ll have the ability to increase your life time client worth.Most customers who concern me have pitiful life time client worths given that they depend upon the entire “burn and churn” viewpoint of marketing:

Just offer as MANY items as possible to them … a quick as possible.Send as lots of pitches them up until they sob or purchase “Uncle” and leave the appointment for great. And after that discover the next possibility and pound the HELL out of themup until they purchase.

What I need to show you is a more advanced technique for guaranteeing the RIGHT clients stick with you long-lasting … so they can provide you cash once again and once again … and in fact BRAG about you to other individuals.

Believe me, this is the HOLY GRAIL of lots of organisations … however when you end up reading this message, you’ll quickly be on the “up and up” of what’s working today.

2) You’ll have the ability to effectively filter which clients are going to provide you cash, and individuals who are merely going to lose your time— providing you huge headaches, a great deal of problem, and spinning your wheels.

Later on in this letter you’re going to discover why 99% of your potential customers are going to be of little or no worth to you … and how you can effectively filter out the “Elite 1%” who are in fact going to provide you cash long-lasting.

There’s a particular particular about this Elite 1% that makes them the perfect client for you … and it’s this brand name of client my System elegantly “filters out” for you … so you can make MORE cash and run a more pleasurable company.

Which results in my next point …

3) You’ll have the ability to develop a service that’s going to leave you abundant, unwinded and delighted.Think about having LESS clients that provide you MORE cash … and enable you to have more leisure time, more autonomy, and live life the method YOU desire … not “another person”.

You see, I constantly motivate each business owner to develop a “Do refrain from doing” list when it concerns how their company is going to be run.

And I motivate them to envision what they desire their life to be like 5-10years from now … and how to structure their company so they can live the way of life they pick.

When you carry out whatever I’m going to inform you in this message, and do what it states, you’ll have the ability to run your company the method YOU desire … and not beholden to a service that’s complete of “low-hanging fruit” clients.

Yet that’s what most of organisations need to endure … and, to provide you a fast newsflash about how I work … the bulk is ALWAYS incorrect when it concerns marketing!

Now I’ll inform you more about my System of getting a smaller sized group of individuals to provide you MORE cash with LESS trouble in a 2nd. For now I am going to caution you: .

Some Of You Are Going To Dismiss.
What I’m Telling You And Think Of This As Merely “Entertainment” …

Listen: I understand there is a little portion out there that will merely “reject” what I need to state in this letter– or read it as simply “home entertainment” …

You’re going to believe that “that Dan Kennedy man” has some truly “adorable” concepts … and “intriguing” ideas …

Since you’re in a particular market,You might even dismiss these concepts.

Here’s the offer: GKIC Platinum Member Dr. Tom Orent developed a huge wall poster for my meeting room since he’s hear it so frequently from many– “… But MY Business Is Different.”

Thinking in this manner is a big temptation.But it is likewise a big obstruction to any development.

If you demand focusing just to examples, concepts and details from your particular company, you GUARANTEE that things will stay “the method things are” in your company.

You see, a lot of organisations sequester themselves, just read their market trade journals and the other advertisements in their area of the Yellow Pages.

The reality is that advancements in sales, earnings and development are just possible for business owner who excitedly takes a look at EVERY example and concept of efficient marketing that we provide to discover something he can move and equate.

So simply dismissing my 35years of marketing experience would be an error Think me, if you’re like the majority of my customers, you have just “scratched the surface area” of what’s possible with your future or present company.

I understand I’ll have a multitude of Renegade Entrepreneurs who are immediately going to be “all in” … and gladly benefit from what I’ll show you in a 2nd.

Some have actually been with me for 5-10-20years and listen to what I need to state like gospel. Why? Since they constantly get instant worth. They “get it”.

And this case will not be any various.

Ok enough of the preamble.The following is the present state of affairs these days’s company environment … and if you’ve remained in marketing for any length of time, you’ll entirely resonate with what I’m stating here.

Believe me, this is VERY essential to your future and present company– otherwise, I would not be squandering my timecomposing this letter.

And if you’re fairly brand-new, then I’ve simply conserved you YEARS of banging your head versus the wall in disappointment …

The “Old” Paradigm Of Selling …
And Why It Doesn’t Work Today:

You see, back then, you might offer a basic $27dollar ebook. $47e-course or $97set of DVDs. And all you needed to do is drive a stack load of traffic to a site, or order type and anticipate to make a killing.

Pay-per-click traffic was inexpensive.You might actually drive loads of traffic to your site for 5 cents a click. And all you needed to do is score a simple 1% conversion rate to generate a revenue.

Then merely “duplicate and wash” and replicate this easy design over and over once again. Piece of cake? Simply enjoy the cash circulation into your savings account with little or NO effort.

Best part: rivals were limited, as the Internet was still “brand-new” and really couple of wished to mess around with internet marketing. Simply too made complex– many individuals simply rested on the sidelines.

In other words, it was a gold mine for lots of organisations All they needed to do is offer as much item as possible and enjoy the revenues roll in.

Same chose the workshop company. Just stack a lot of individuals into a space for a $2000- per-head workshop and have a HUGE1 day cash-surge. And do it over and over once again.

You see, those were the great ol’ days … and there are still some individuals who have the ability to do this (possibly you’re one of them). As lots of online marketers have actually seen, this has actually ended up being a THING of the past …

Why Product-Based Selling Is ‘Dead In.
The Water’ In Today’s Economy …

Here’s the offer: the expense of operating is getting waaaay too costly– easy and pure. Simply ask anybody who has actually spent for Facebook marketing, bought banners online, or blown cash on Google Adwords.

Those 5-cent clicks that existed 5-10years back are now worth $2.00and up. And if you’re a legal representative or other expert searching for high-value leads, prepared to invest as much as $100per clickon some keywords.

Further, the lower expense of entry of beginning a service thanks to Internet has actually caused a multitude of “copycat” rivals flooding the market. Now anybody can get in the video game with simply a $8.95domain and $2.95/ month hosting.

Another thing: the Internet has actually enabled everybody to have an equivalent say. Prior to, if you wished to have a voice, you would need to send an editorial to your regional paper and hope and hope it gets released.

Nowadays it takes you 2 minutesto develop a blog site or site. The man living in his moms and dad’s basement can now have the very same reach as the New York Times.

The raising expenses of marketing and a lot of brand-new rivals has actually resulted in among my BIGGEST no-no’s– being “inexpensive” when it concerns drawing in leads– in flailing hopes they’ll produce the same or recreate revenue margin they had 4-5 years back.

Big error!It’s seriously like shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic …you’re practically specific to decrease!

But that’s not all. This mainly uses to the details marketing market however can be suitable to ALL organisations:

Most People Are Like Heroin Junkies
When It Comes To Buying Products,!

Listen: I’ve remained in info-marketing for a long time. And I’ve personally offered countless dollars of info-products… and have actually composed copy for info-marketers that have actually generated the dough.

And there’s something that’s certain.Most individuals purchase info-products since they get a mental “hit”. That “hit” makes them feel great as they feel they’re doing something about it to resolve their issue.

yet they NEVERcarry out the details!

These individuals resemble details addicts … they’ll fill their hard disk drives with $27ebooks, and bookshelves with $97audio programs that represent their “hits” … like a heroin addict who simply had a repair.

… however when they “comedown” from a high, they’re searching for the next hit.

Another product.Another “master”. Another “thing” they can utilize to take out their charge card and BUY … so they “feel great” that they’ve done something about their issue.

You see, the self-improvement specific niche is RIFE with this activity. Individuals who fit this classification will purchase all of Zig Ziglar’s things. They’ll move onto Tony Robbins. They’ll move on to Brian Tracy.

Sure they might listen to the very first CD or check out the very first chapter. It’s been shown over and over once again that just 10% of individuals who purchase a book or course in fact checked out past the very first chapter … or listen to that very first CD.

I’ll reveal you why these individuals are “low hanging fruit” on your company … and I’ll expose a system that’ll permits you to sort through these that your rivals will NEVER understand about.

Why? Since the majority of the time they’re determined or not enthusiastic to act!

How My Wayward Relative Represents MOST Of.
Your Prospects On Your List Right Now.
( This WILLWake You Up!)

I have a relative that mentions entrepreneurial aspiration all the time. I hear all of it the time: “I wish to begin a service, grow a service … remain in a service”. AND SO ON and so on and so on

However, when you take a look at his home, you ‘d be hard-pressed to discover a minimum of 4 books that pertain to developing a service. No info-products, no courses, and no books at all …

I inform you this is great agent of MOST of your potential customers. The majority of will “talk the talk” however will NEVER act on what you teach, or do anything to enhance their lives.

They’ll simply download your complimentary report and leave them resting on their hard disk, things your newsletter because “stack” while they inform themselves, they’ll “navigate to it” at some point.

Thus actually squandering area in your auto-responder and your possibility database.

These individuals have definitely little or NO worth to you If you have a BIG list, I understand it most likely breaks your heart.

But the reality is, just 1% of those individuals have any worth to you. They simply wish to resemble Ted Danson in Cheers– simply guarantee the bar, talk with customers, struck on the appealing ladies …

… and NOT do the effort and marketing it requires to develop a sustainable company that’ll offer long-lasting CONSISTENT earnings. They simply desire the BENEFITS of owning a service.

Now this isn’t simply for potential customers in a service– this is for ANYONE in society. Only 1% of individualsin society in basic are truly kicking butt and taking names … and THESE are individuals you desire handle in your company … as you’ll find in the future.

Oh, and another thing:
If You Think You Can Light A Fire,

Underneath Their Butt So They Can “Move On Up” To The Top 1%, Then FORGET IT!

You may believe that you may be able to “awaken” your sleeping, inactive, non-motivated potential customers and get them to “carry on up” to the Top 1%

Sorry to inform you however that ain’t gon na take place.

You can provide a lot of “provided for you” things. Even double the quantity of things they’re getting. You can lock them in a workshop for 4 days and present advantage after advantage … factor after factor … for them to leave their rear end and in fact DO something.

You can even go to their home and threaten to beat them up The reality is, NOBODY is going to move up.

And for you to continuously combat it by using these potential customers “Shock and wonder” plans, more “FREE” things to win them over, and a deal a host of “done-for-you” services, it’s simply going to FRUSTRATE and exacerbate you.

If you value your peace of mind,That’s not where your focus must be in your company.

Size Does NOTAlways Matter!

You see, the greatest “a-ha” minute you need to be obtaining from this message is that there is just a TINY portion of potential customers that have REAL worth to you.

Think of it as a pyramid.The base of the pyramid includes mainly “low hanging fruit” that have definitely NO worth to you.And the idea of the pyramid … just 1% … in fact have the cash to invest cash with you– without them asking themselves: “Can I Afford It”.

Best part: These Elite 1% are inspired and right away see the advantages your items can provide them.In other words, they “get it”.

They’re enthusiastic and want to buy themselves to enhance their lot in life.They’re not in it for “quick-fix” service.

As an outcome:

They’ll BUYfrom you once again and once again.Since they utilized your last item and got outcomes (after all, they DO act) they’ll happily buy your subsequent items. Simply put, your life time client worth will increase.

They’ll be much better clients who’ll treat you much better and are enjoyable to spend time.You “get them” and they “get you” … after all, you’re enthusiastic yourself (otherwise you would not have actually read this far). Your company life will have less headaches and tension.

You’ll have LESS clients … making it simpler to run your company so you’re not beholden by it. Now I understand having less clients seems like a BAD thing, however it’s much better to have 1000 paying clients than 1 million “looky-loos”. That implies you can offer less and make MORE… suggesting less trouble, less client assistance concerns … and MORE time off for you!

They’ll suggest you to their friends and family.The finest type of marketing is by means of word of mouth. Given that these elite clients are enthusiastic, they most likely have enthusiastic good friends. And they’ll speak about you … extol you … and you’ll have the ability to bring in much more of these perfect clients!

Believe me, this will enable you to accomplish more certainty and sustainability in your business.Since these elite clients will keep purchasing from you … you’ll have constant, repeatable earnings …

… not simply brief, unforeseeable “spurts” of earnings.

As an outcome, you’ll accomplish more POWER in your specific niche. You’ll have the ability to outspend, out-maneuver, and outsell ANYBODY in your field.

You see, among my customers, Dr. Ben Altadonna, has the ability to run several full-page advertisements in Chiropractic publications offering his marketing system … while his rivals are running little dinky classified advertisements. And he’s able to do this month after month.

In other words, you’ll sleep much better in the evening You’ll NEVER need to look at your ceiling at 2 in the early morning questioning how worldwide you’re going to fulfill payroll at the end of the month.

Most individuals extol their “list size”. Well, in this case anyhow, larger is not constantly much better And you can not “guesstimate” when it concerns this things.

Filtering This Elite 1% Is Like.
If, Finding A Needle In A Haystack … That Is.
You Don’t Know What You’re Doing!

Sure, you can attempt to filter your top 1% of clients from your potential customers. To be truthful, it’s simple to mess it up.

If you do this “incorrect method” you might wind up destroying your company permanently. Potential customers might stop reacting to your ads, e-mails, social networks posts, and direct-mail advertising … leaving you dead in the water.

And you might absolutely alienate your BUYERS … the most essential individuals on your list. That’s like company suicide!

Seriously, it’s like a master painter requiring to draw a sketch prior to he draws a painting. That sketch acts as the structure by which the painting will be drawn …

… and without it, simply one error might absolutely destroy the painting.

Well, I’m about to provide to you the EXACT structure you can utilize to filter out the leading 1% of clients… so you can make more cash and get more leisure time and autonomy in your company.

This is the specific plan I show my top-dollar customers … and GKIC executes this technique all the time.

Your present and FUTURE company life will get a LOTsimpler when you act todayand start: .

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